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Why do houses sell better in spring?


March 17, 2022 | twentytwo

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If you have searched the web for the best season to sell your home, you’ll see spring comes up often. With spring right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start your journey if you’re thinking about it.

There are many reasons why spring is a great time to sell your home but it will also depend on how and who you sell it with. Just because it’s a popular time, it doesn’t mean you will have a guaranteed sale at the best price. If your sale isn’t carried out by a trusted and experienced agent who knows what they’re doing, chances of purchase fallthroughs can happen.

With the demand for properties still being high and the property market being active it really couldn’t be a better time to sell your home this year.

Reasons why houses sell better in spring:

  • Warmer weather

The days become warmer and the cold months are soon forgotten. The warmer weather gets buyers out and actively viewing properties. It’s a lot nicer to view a home when you’re not freezing! Plus, the change in season can bring a life change.

  • Better lighting

With the clock going back in March and it becoming British Summer Time, there’s more light during the day. Not only will this help for marketing your property and your photography looking great, but it will also help when conducting viewings.

  • Brighter colours

Your gardens will be filled with colour again, flowers will be blooming and the grass will be a healthy green. This will enhance the overall look of your property and give off a welcoming first impression for buyers coming to view your property.

  • School term

Buyers who have children will be thinking ahead. Whether moving to a new catchment area or just moving in time for the new school term starting in September, it means buyers need to start looking and buying in the spring.

  • Moving is easier for buyers

Typically spring is a season where there are no other distractions and big obligations. The festive period can be busy in winter and in the summer, many like to go on holiday and get away.

When selling your home we understand there are other factors that make it the right time to sell. However, if you can sell your home in spring, we recommend doing so to maximise the opportunity of getting the best price for your property.

Do you have a property to sell this spring?

At Redstones, we make selling property as stress free as possible. Our years of experience and unrivalled local area knowledge allows us to make this possible. We have several sales packages for you to choose from, read about each one over on our website.

To start your selling journey, arrange a free property valuation and learn what your property is worth. We will guide you throughout the process while keeping you informed.

Please feel free to ask us any questions or get in touch if you would like to know more about our services.

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