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Ideas for your spare room


January 21, 2022 | twentytwo

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Do you have a spare room that doesn’t have a purpose? Is it somewhere you currently just dump your stuff? Turn it into a productive area and convert it into somewhere you can spend your time.

Whether you have just bought a new home or you have always had a spare room, we’re sharing some ideas of what you can use that space for:

  • Home office

Since working from home has become the norm for a lot of people, it’s nice to have a dedicated work space which you can make your own. A clean, tidy and comfortable home office can help motivate you.

  • Reading room

Create a space in which you can relax and have some quiet time to read. Fill the room with your favourite books or put in furniture and decor that creates the ideal reading space.

  • Home cinema

A comfy, cosy home cinema is the way to go. Use home projectors on a plain wall to show your movie of choice, this creates a cinema-like feel with the big screen. Home projectors are widely available and can range in price to suit your budget.

  • Workout space

Replicating the gym in your own home couldn’t be easier these days. All kinds of equipment are available online to purchase, no matter what you like to use you can choose from treadmills to dumbbells.

  • Playroom

A dedicated playroom means you can keep the children’s toys out of sight and it won’t take up space in your main living area. Most children would enjoy having their own space to explore and express themselves.

  • Dressing room

Unable to turn the light on or fighting for mirror space when you get ready? Get ready without disturbing others in your own dressing room. A great use of space if you like to take your time getting ready, putting make up on or doing your hair.

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration to what you can turn your spare room into so you can make good use of it.

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