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One Call and Switch to Redstones

LANDLORDS – Switching Letting Agents is simple!

Have you ever experienced any of these issues whilst using your current estate agent Stafford?

> Rent lost or paid late                                          
> Tenants mistreating your property        
> Over-priced maintenance costs                        
> Lack of communication          
> Long void periods                                                
> No monthly activity reports         
> No invoices/statements                                    
> Lack of professionalism         
> No interim property inspections                        
> Limited viewing times

If you have lost confidence or trust in your current Stafford Letting Agent, or perhaps just feel they are not providing a good service or being proactive, then switching your Letting Agent to Redstones has never been easier with the Redstones “Switch Agents” programme.

Switching to Redstones is a straightforward process with three simple steps.

1. One call to Redstones and we will advise and explain to you how we can help with your situation and offer you a service which your previous agent did not.

2. We will ask you to write to your current agent giving them formal notice to terminate your agreement with them in accordance with their terms and conditions. Redstones can even provide a draft template for you to use. Please check your current agents’ terms and conditions. 

3. We will ensure the transition to Redstones is as seamless as possible by collecting keys and all necessary documentation and dealing with the transfer of the deposit from your current agent. 

Congratulations you have now transferred management of your property to Redstones!

To arrange a FREE valuation of your property please click here  or call 01785 503 003 for more information.
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