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All year, around the clock

More and more private and corporate tenants are expecting an around-the-clock service when they rent a property. As a landlord it can often be difficult to find the time and be available to fix the problems that may, and usually do, occur. To ensure that your property and tenants receive the utmost professional care and attention, Redstones should be appointed to manage your property and look after your interests.

Peace of mind for landlords

Our Property Management Stafford team are there to give you complete peace of mind and alleviate the stresses and strains that come with being a full-time landlord. This is why we are being asked to look after an increasing number of our clients’ properties.

Prepare Digital Inventory

We will take a number of internal and external photographs of the property to be used as part of the check-in and check-out process, which will help protect your property if any disputes arise.

Prepare written inventory

As part of our managed services, we will
   > draw up a Schedule of Condition / Inventory of your property’s fixtures, fittings and contents
     (available by request)
   > compile a check-in report at the start of each tenancy, and
   > a check-out report at the termination of the tenancy.      
You will receive a written report plus a CD with photos of your property. 

Arrange annual gas safety certificate

Each year we will appoint a Gas Safe registered engineer to inspect all gas appliances and installations, and carry out any remedial works where necessary. 

Register deposit with the DPS (The Deposit Protection Service)

As part of our managed services, we will register the deposit under the terms of The DPS (The Deposit Protection Service).

Renewals and extensions to the tenancy

We will contact both you as Landlord and your tenant(s) before the end of the tenancy. Should you both wish to extend the tenancy, we will negotiate and draw up the new agreement on your behalf.

Monthly electronic invoices

Once the rent has been received into our account and processed, a statement/invoice will then be emailed to you highlighting all monies in and out of your account.

Annual self-assessment property tax report

In order to assist you with the preparation of your annual self-assessment tax return, a report will be emailed to you, showing a summary of your income and expenses for the relevant tax year.

Management inspections

We will undertake thorough inspections of your property at intervals throughout the year, with recommendations of any improvements (if required). We will also investigate any defects that come to our attention. In order to minimise the cost of repairs, issues will be dealt with quickly and effectively on your behalf, ensuring your property stays in good condition for future rentals.

Rent arrears chasing and credit control

Redstones’ Lettings and Property Management team are highly experienced in credit control and the prompt collection of rent whilst maintaining proactive relationships with tenants.

Dealing with repairs and maintenance issues

We will attend to the day to day repairs and maintenance of the property and its contents, and will only use companies that provide the very best quality of workmanship at a competitive price. We continually vet our contractors to ensure high standards are met. 

Monthly electronic management reports

As a Redstones landlord, we will keep you informed of the activities we undertake on your behalf by submitting to you a monthly report and account statement. This will clearly show monies in and out, along with any maintenance work scheduled or already carried out.  

Check-out on expiry of the tenancy

We will undertake a comprehensive closing inspection of your property comparing its final condition against any check-in photographs, inventory and schedule of condition, and we will immediately raise any issues with the tenant. We will send you a closing inspection report to highlight any issues or concerns raised.

Deal with deposit release and disputes

In accordance with the closing inspection report, and with your authorisation, we will deduct the cost of any necessary works from the tenant’s deposit. We will also deal with any disputes the tenant may raise under the terms of The Deposit Protection Service.

Read all meters and notify all utilities companies at check-out

At the end of the tenancy we will contact the service providers and either request the transfer of services back to you or the transfer of services to a new tenant.

Rent arrears and legals

Tenants do occasionally fall into arrears as their circumstances may change. The Redstones Property Management team are trained to deal with serving notices, and to deal with legal representatives, in order to regain possession of your property. 

One call & Switch to Redstones – Property Management

Redstones can manage your property even if you let your property yourself or through another agent. Many landlords are coming to Redstones for their management requirements and for complete peace of mind. More Information.

"Redstones Platinum Total Care" service

At Redstones we have developed a truly unique scheme to pay Landlords the agreed rent on the day it is due whether the tenant has paid or not.  The Redstones Platinum Total Care service , guarantees this. More information.

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