The Selling Process
The Selling Process - Steps required to sell your home

Redstones Guide to Selling Your Home

Accurate valuation

Valuing your property accurately takes skill and experience, vital to be able to achieve the optimum price.  Redstones Estate Agents use their knowledge of the local market to ensure we give you accurate advice on the best achievable price for your home, based on local market conditions

Choosing your agent

Choosing the right agent is vital to obtaining the maximum price for your property.  You should consider how they will present your property, what marketing techniques they will use and are they available to conduct viewings evenings and weekends.

Choose a solicitor early

It is advisable to find and instruct your solicitor at the same time you place your property on the market, as this allows time for the collection of necessary documents and helps to avoid delays.

Comprehensive marketing

Instruct Redstones to sell your property and you will benefit from a powerful and comprehensive marketing package. Online advertising with all the top property portals, social media advertising including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+, offline advertising with window displays, newspaper advertising in the Journal HomeMaker and Metro Newspaper.

Professionally designed brochures, 3D floor plans and location maps will be live on our website within days and a printable colour brochure can also be downloaded.

Showing off your property

To be able to sell your property faster, we are able to maximise viewing opportunities by showing off your property on evenings and weekends.

Receiving Offers

Once we have received an offer on your property, we will contact you immediately and discuss the merits of the offer, also confirming the same in writing.

Agreeing a sale

At the time you accept an offer it is important to agree:-
>Items to be included within the sale price.
>A target date for the buyer's survey on your property.
>Target date for exchange of contracts.
>Target date for completion (moving day).

Using our experience we will advise you and negotiate on your behalf throughout this process, keeping you informed at all times.

Drafting legal paperwork

Once you have accepted an offer, we will inform both solicitors of the agreed sale.  Your solicitor will then send out a draft contract to the purchaser's solicitor who in turn carries out preliminary enquiries.

Supporting paperwork should be put together by your solicitor i.e. title deeds, seller's questionnaire, planning consent, any guarantees, fixtures and fittings list, copy of the lease and share of freehold certificate in the case of leasehold properties (normally flats and apartments).

Exchange of contracts

Exchange of contracts is the last stage of the legal process and occurs when all preliminary enquiries and local search queries have been agreed.  Most buyers do require a mortgage, so once the mortgage offer has been received, the purchaser is then ready to exchange contracts with the seller.


This generally takes place a few days to a few weeks after exchange of contracts (but also can take place on the same day or even several months later) depending on each party's requirements.

Congratulations you have now sold your property!

If you are  looking for a property expert to sell your home in Newcastle upon Tyne and surrounding areas, and would like to request a FREE market valuation of your property, please call 0191 233 6342.
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