Buying Process
Buying Process - Steps required to buy your next home.

Advice on Buying Your Home

Register your requirements

The first step in the buying process is to register your requirements with us so we can start helping you find your ideal property.


Even at this early stage we strongly recommend that you get your mortgage agreed in principle. Having to arrange finances after you have found a property will delay the buying process and could result in you losing out to another person who is ready to proceed.

Starting your search

With your requirements registered with Redstones, you will receive details of a selection of properties that match your criteria.  An early viewing is recommended in case you want to secure a property.


We are available at times convenient for you to view properties after work and at weekends.

Making an offer

Once you have found a suitable property, we will put forward your offer to the seller both verbally and in writing. Any offer is subject to contracts being signed.

Sale agreed

A solicitor will be required once your offer is accepted and you will need to instruct your solicitor to proceed with the legal paperwork (known as conveyancing) immediately. We have a selection of solicitors that are experts in property transactions who we would be happy to recommend.

At this time you must instruct your mortgage broker to proceed with your mortgage application and make arrangements for a survey.

Legal and Surveys

The seller's solicitor will draw up a draft contract and send it to your solicitor, who in turn will raise some preliminary enquiries. A surveyor, on behalf of the mortgage lender will book a survey to advise on the property's value and identify any structural problems.

Contract approval and mortgage offer

Your solicitor will approve contracts, providing there are no further enquiries, once results of the local search and answers to preliminary enquiries are received.  The formal mortgage offer will be sent to your solicitor for you to sign. Once returned signed, your mortgage is then in place and you are then ready to exchange contracts.

Exchange of contracts

The contract needs to be signed by you and the seller.

A deposit (usually 10% of the purchase price, but can be less) is transferred to the seller's solicitors.  The date for completion (the day you usually move in) is then set.


This generally takes place a few days to a few weeks after exchange of contracts (but also can take place on the same day or even several months later) depending on each party's requirements.

The balances of monies are transferred from your solicitor to the seller's solicitor's account.

Congratulations, you are now the new owner of your new home!

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