How To Find The Perfect Tenant

Guide to finding the perfect tenant

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Finding good tenants is essential to a long term successful buy to let strategy. It’s every landlord’s dream to find the perfect tenant who pays on time and looks after their property. When it comes to the time to find new tenants, here’s how to ensure you find the best! 

Advertise effectively
Ensure that your rental property is highly exposed and advertised on the main property portals Rightmove and Zoopla where the majority of searches take place.  A reputable lettings agent such asRedstones uses all the latest marketing techniques including social media to capture high quality tenants. 

Check credit scores
Once you have identified a potential tenant, a credit score is vital to ensure the tenant’s background won’t cause an issue for you.  Checking credit scores is a simple method of ensuring your rent will be paid on time.  They help you to assess financial stability and proof of regular income. 

References are essential, as they provide some guarantee of the character of your tenants.  References can be from employers or previous landlords and should include at least two references. 

Meet your tenants more than once
You always gain a better sense of people the more you meet them!  If you are keen on some prospective tenants and have offered them a second viewing, give them plenty of time to walk around and ask questions.  Be organised and always make time for viewings, as they are essential to the process of finding a good tenant. 

Pick your location carefully
Think carefully about where your buy-to-let property is based.  Ideally, good tenants want to be around local amenities such as shops, transport links and decent schools. 

Maintain your property
Try to visit your property regularly and ensure all maintenance is up to date.  If your property is in good condition, it will continue to attract good tenants and will always look smart if last minute viewings are arranged. 

Keep expectations high
If your property has been vacant for some time and you’ve not been satisfied with the people who have viewed it, it’s tempting to lower your expectations.  However, continuing the search for the best possible tenants will pay off in the long-term. 

Here at Redstones we will assist you in all of the above and you will soon be rewarded by attracting the perfect tenant.
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