Redstones Platinum Care Package

Redstones Platinum Care Package

Would you like to receive your rent even if the tenants fail to pay?  

Clients with rental properties continue to inform us that rent arrears are their greatest worry, followed closely by the potential costs of the eviction process.  

At Redstones Coventry we have developed a truly unique scheme to pay Landlords the agreed rent on the day it is due, whether the tenant has paid or not!  

Redstones Coventry proudly present the innovative,  Redstones Platinum Total Care service: guaranteed rent paid on time, every time, whether the tenant has paid or not!  

The ‘Holy Grail’ of Lettings is to ensure that you receive your rent on time, every time it is due. Despite best efforts and comprehensive referencing this is not always possible and delays do happen as the circumstances of tenants can change. For example they can become ill, have an accident or lose their job through redundancy. None of these circumstances can be foreseen, but may have a devastating effect on their ability to pay rent and maybe on your ability to meet mortgage payments or other loans secured on the property.   

Redstones Platinum Total Care service puts an end to this. Guaranteed rent paid on time, every time. - In addition, we will cover all of your legal costs for obtaining vacant possession as a result of non-payment of rent by the tenant and we will continue to pay you indefinitely until vacant possession.  

Example costs, which Landlords would likely be faced with if they needed to evict a tenant:  

- Legal notices £99
- Court proceedings £499
- Bailiffs service £185
- Tenant Tracing £60
- Non- payment of rent £1000’s            

Available now via Redstones Coventry and there is no catch!
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